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Qvitt Salmiak - The Nicotine Free Prill - Also Available As Mini

Qvitt Salmiak

Qvitt Salmiak is the perfect substitute for those who want to put the tobacco and nicotine on the shelf. Salt in the taste, perfectly shaped under the lip and so good that it’s easy to stop thinking about old desires. Whichever you choose, you will have a taste of the good life. Qvitt Salmiak is available in two different packages.

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Qvitt Original - the nicotine free prill

Qvitt Original

Already a classic in the fast-growing Qvitt family. The traditional sour cream with a wonder of bergamot has gotten more snusers to switch to the nicotine-free option. Like all other Qvitt products, Original Green Tea, Fluoride and Panax Ginseng contain. Ingredients that may be uplifting, increase concentration and contribute to improved oral hygiene.


Qvitt Menthol - the nicotine free prill

Qvitt Menthol

The freshest prill in the Qvitt family has a definite taste of menthol, which has given both smokers and smokers to get rid of their tobacco and nicotine addiction. Many of the customers have also been stuck in the fact that menthol prill features resemble regular snus, making it even easier to break inward patterns and try something new and fresh.




Made of Gotlandssnus

Qvitt Salmiak, Menthol and Original

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